“Great private getaway up in the mountains with a spectacular view!”

Review from: Kiesha (Aus)
5 May 2017

The room was fantastic. So nice, very well maintained. Hosts were lovely. View was sensational. Was such a nice getaway in the middle of the hinterland. The fire place was sooo cozy and the board games were such a nice touch! I really loved this place!

Unfortunately the ONLY let down was the hard drive of movies provided worked only for half of each movie or would stop at the start. I did bring my own laptop, decided we would connect my laptop to the wifi and watch Netflix but the wifi was too slow. This was ok we could deal without during the day as the board games provided great entertainment but at night we would have liked to watch a full movie. I had only 2 movies saved on my laptop so if we stay again I will bring my own DVDs.

Rating: 9.6 / 10

[Please note: Unfortunately the movie hard disk had developed a fault and we’ve now removed it.  We’re building up our collection of DVD’s!  We’re a semi-rural property and sometimes our internet can be a little slow (no NBN here yet!). ]